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Bosch WR14B31 14 Litre Battery Ignition LPG Gas Water Heater

Bosch gas water heaters offer innovative and energy saving features that provide temperature and flow rate control for both single- and multi-point hot water systems.


* Saving with battery operated models
* If the pilot flame burns 24 hours per day the potential saving is 80-90kg of gas per year. That is as much as R450 per year (48kg gas for R448 as a refill without deposit for bottle; 2x48kg = R225 + R450)

The Multi-point Hot Water System

With a multi-point hot water system, all hot water points are supplied by a single water heater. The amount and temperature of the water used can be individually controlled at each tap unit. This type of arrangement is best used where the piping runs to the various hot water outlets are not excessively long.

The Single-point Hot Water System

In this case, separate gas instantaneous water heaters are installed directly at each hot water point – over the kitchen sink and the bath, for example. The advantage of this arrangement is the immediate availability of hot water at the point of use.


* Powerful - However large or small your hot water requirements are, Bosch has the appliance with the output to suit.
* Economical - Instantaneous water heaters only use energy when hot water is used
* Safe - The built-in thermoelectric flame-failure device prevents gas leaking if the pilot light goes off.
* Convenient - Hot water wherever and whenever needed.
* Compact - Attractive and compact design saves space and makes these appliances ideal for both old and new properties.
* Versatile - Whichever option you choose - point of use or central supply - Bosch has the right water heater for you

Technical Specifications

* 14 Litre
* Battery Operated
* LPG (butane/propane) 28 (2.8) mbar (kPa)
* Temperature control at maximum setting:
- Ambient +50°C
- Flow Rate 2.0 – 7.0 l/min
* Temperature control at minimum setting:
- Ambient +25°C
- Flow Rate 4.0 – 14.0 l/min
* Bathroom and kitchen

Guarantee: 1 year full guarantee on parts. Appliances must be installed by a licensed gas installer according to BSH and local or national requirements.

Optional Solar Kit

To improve the quality of hot water distribution in water heaters and boilers, while making them compatible with thermal, solar-powered systems for heating household water. Its function involves maintaining a constant setting for the temperature of the mixed water that is provided for use, when conditions for supplying hot and cold water vary.

The Solar Kit can operate continuously, with hot water temperatures resulting from solar accumulation or from the support device.


* Prevents hot water burns and damage to devices;
* Use of the solar kit does not require the purchase of a separate solar water heater;
* The support appliance works only if the solar system's water temperature is lower than 45 °C, without reducing the flow rate;
* Savings in maintenance costs (the appliance has a shorter running time).

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